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Veritas Coloring Pencils
Christian Art Publishers

Veritas Coloring Pencils

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Fill your world with color with a small set of Veritas Colored Pencils. The small set holds 12 Colors:
    • Blush 
    • Dark Blue
    • Purple 
    • Yellow 
    • Light Blue 
    • Yellow Green 
    • Hot Pink 
    • Orange 
    • Red 
    • Black 
    • Green 
    • Brown
Use these colors by themselves for beautifully deep coverage, shade them from pale to light or layer them to create new hues.  The thicker wax-based lead is resistant to breakage and the non-toxic pencils are safe for little hands to use.

Pair the Veritas Colored Pencil Set with any of the Coloring Books, Cards or Bookmarks in the Coloring Products section for a fun yet inspirational gift.

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