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Here's to 2017!

Ashton Pruitt 2017 Natural Life new beginnings

I can't believe it is now 2017. Talk about how time flies... It seriously has been the fastest year ever; it seems. With 2016 being the first year with our tiniest sales associate on the floor it has really made me appreciate stay-at-home moms, moms who take their little ones to daycare,  women who take their children to work with them. Moms pretty much in general. Looking back at 2016: Balancing life as a wife, mom, daughter, owner of three small businesses, radio morning host, girlboss, and still have time to breathe and enjoy life is obviously a constant struggle I will continue to have in 2017. And honestly, the *juggling of the hats* will continue to always be a struggle as long as I'm living; because that is who I am. I write this down not for pitty, or on the flip side for others to feel inferior. I write this down to encourage others... YES. You can do it all as well. Don't let ANYONE tell you differently. It all comes down to a mindset. How bad do you want to work for the things you want for your family and yourself in life? How hard do you want to work in general? I refuse to just sit and watch life happen. I choose to make it happen. Cheers to the Mommas making it happen.

With 2017 and a fresh start on everyone's minds... I have been thinking about things I need to work on during this new year. Oraganizarion at Southern Savvy is at the top of that list. To expand our ecommerce was a major goal for this new year and we are already on track with moving all of our inventory online to Shopify. I can't wait to watch and see if our hard work pays off. In 2017, I strive to leave a digital footprint with more blog posts. Our fun take on small town fashion and life in general is worth reading. Another goal is to be better prepared for seasonal items and holidays is at the top as well. That should be easier now we know buying trends for our market. Above all work related resolutions, The biggest resolution for me is to breathe, and take it all in. Truly live in the moment. Watch Myleigh hilariously toddle to the clothing rack and try to put on a shirt. Watch her rearrange the leggings in the floor for the 15th time in one day. Love every second of being at my business, with my baby. Not to let the little things stress me out. 

One of our favorite brands that we carry that features fun inspiring products for all ages is Natural Life. I highly recommend checking their products out for a quick pick-me-up for yourself or for that friend that may be going through something they think is bigger than themselves. Or for someone that needs to just sit back and breathe.  Natural Life's fun balance of bright colors and floral, tribal, and boho patterns instantly puts you in a better mood and reminds you... To be the best version of you, everyday. Here's to being YOU in 2017. Crush those resolutions. 

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Ashton Pruitt

Ashton Snowden Pruitt, native of Greenbrier graduated from Arkansas State University in 2009, with her Radio Television Broadcast Journalism degree. She is the former host of "The Mouth of the South Morning Show" on 101.7 KVOM in Morrilton. She is married to auctioneer Lane Pruitt, and also owns Pruitt's Mid State Stockyards in Damascus. Ashton owns Southern Savvy, a women and children's boutique in Greenbrier and Southern Belle Media specializing in wedding and commercial videography, and voice overs. On top of all of these duties, her favorite job is being a mommy to her one and only sweet girl Myleigh-Pearl! In her spare time she loves traveling, blogging, watching Hoda and Kathie Lee, eating "Joes Pizza," driving with the top down in the Jeep, going to the lake, pageants, karaoke, and drinking lots of coffee. Ashton is currently the Miss Greenbrier Pageant Director, Brierfest Youth Talent Show Director and volunteer for the Faulkner County Youth Talent Show and Pageants. She is a big supporter of folks shopping local (wherever you shop) and empowering women!

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